Best London Shows for Children

Children enjoy the excitement of going to the theatre, however not all shows are suitable for kids. Some West End performances contain swearing or scenes of violence which could upset younger viewers. Parents should check that a show is suitable before booking tickets to watch it with their family. Most websites will contain advisory information for parents if the show contains content which could be unsuitable for younger audience members. Why not try out one of the child friendly London shows that are listed below?

The Lion King

The Lion King is the perfect show to go to with children, because it is a visual spectacle. It is worth watching the Lion King for the staging as much as for the music and story. Bright colours are teamed up with infectious African rhythms to help to set the scene. The set designer and costume department have used innovative solutions to create the animals of the Serengeti.

The score and lyrics are by Elton John and draw on the music which was used in the Disney film. If your children enjoyed the Lion King animated film, they will absolutely love the stage show. The production company also performs at least one “autism-friendly” production every year, so that autistic children can enjoy the magic of the show.

Want to see the play? All information is on their website, just click here to visit.


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Although Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is not recommended for young children, the show is designed to be suitable for those who enjoy the wizarding world. The play/s contain many nods and references to the books, so you may not enjoy the play as much if you have not read any of the original source material.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has been written by author JK Rowling and therefore stays true to the original world. It is worth mentioning that the play is in two parts, which can both be viewed on the same day. However, buying tickets for the same day is not mandatory and watching two performances in a day can be a very long day for young theatregoers.

Information on the play/s can be found on the website here.

School of Rock

School of Rock is a comedic musical based on the Jack Black film of the same name. Andrew Lloyd Webber has written much of the music for the show, but has blended original pieces with music that is taken directly from the original film score. Children will love seeing Dewey Finn portrayed on stage, as his loud and “in your face” personality transfers perfectly to the theatre. The script is very funny and contains moments which will appeal to both children and adults. There are a few gross-out moments which will definitely keep the children entertained.

Visit the official website for further details.

Matilda: The Musical

Anyone who is a fan of Roald Dahl should take the opportunity to see the musical version of the Matilda story. The score, which has been created by award-winning comedian and musician Tim Minchin, perfectly fits the playful, youthful and magical characters which appear in the original book. Miss Trunchbull will terrify and amuse your children in equal measure. The staging and dancing in this production are wonderful, and they are a must for anyone who enjoys watching dazzling set pieces.


Aladdin is another great family friendly musical for those who enjoy Disney productions.

The magical world of Agrabah is transported straight to the stage thanks to brilliant set design and a wonderful costume department. The stage show is every bit as vibrant and colourful as the original Disney movie. Whilst the new musical contains all of the best loved songs from the original film score, some original songs have also been created for the stage show to help to tie the story together. Children will find the major set pieces to be truly magical.

All the information you need about the musical is on the Aladdin musical website.


Wicked may not be suitable for very young children, but children over 10 years old will love the magical world of Oz. This tale tells the alternative story of the witches of Oz, and shows that everything is not always black and white.

Everyone’s favourite characters from the Wizard of Oz appear in the show; however their roles are portrayed slightly differently. The colourful staging, set piece performances and nonsense words all help to bring the magic of the Emerald City to the stage.

We suggest you take a look at the website if Wicked is something you’d like to go and see.